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  • Welcome to the Dominican Sisters' Daycare Centre Website
    We believe that each child is very important, and needs our attention and respect.


A stimulating environment encouraging play, understanding, and discovery of new experiences.


Our skilled caregivers are knowledgeable, committed, and sensitive to every child's individual needs.


Our program facilitates the development of child's emotional, social, physical, and intellectual faculties.
About Us

content_img_1 The Dominican Sisters' Daycare provides a quality, inclusive child care program for children 19 months to 5 years of age. Our program is operated based on the philosophy that all the children deserve to be cared for in environments where their developmental needs are met and where their sense of self worth is respected and fostered. Our program includes special attention to ethics and moral values in a child's development and education and it provides opportunities for children to observe different cultures. It is open to fulfilling a variety of needs. Our daycare is accepting of all children from a variety of cultures and religions. We respect multiculturalism. As Dominican Sisters (Christian Catholic nuns) in our educational process, we include the study and celebration of our Catholic faith within our program.




Goals and Objectives

content_img_1 Our aim is to provide an adequate, good program, which includes everything for all levels of development for the child: social, physical, intellectual, emotional, self-concept, and language development needs.

  • Social needs
    The child's need to interact with friends and adults, to participate as a member of a group, and to have opportunities to learn and develop social skills.

  • Physical needs
    Children need both active and quiet times, activities indoor and outdoor, in safe and healthy surroundings along with nutrition and rest.

  • Intellectual needs
    Children need to be able to explore, observe, know and understand objects and events in the environment. It includes the need to develop language skills, listening skills and creative thinking.

  • Emotional needs
    The need to be and feel accepted for oneself and to feel respected and secure. Gaining independence, taking initiative, expressing anger appropriately, coping with frustration and being able to give and receive affection.

  • Self-Concept needs
    The need to feel valued as an individual, for whom one is, to develop positive self-esteem to feel accepted for one's differences with a right to acknowledge one's own difficulties and celebrate one's own joys.